Saturday, April 19, 2014
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Programmes for SMEs / Questionnaires


The MaPEeR SME project aims at setting the ground base to mobilize SMEs to become active in research and innovation. It aims to do so by providing detailed insights about the SME needs and the barriers they face in getting involved in research and innovation activities. At the same time, it also collects information and views about the strengths and weaknesses of national / regional R&D and innovation programmes in the EU-27 Member States plus Bosnia-Herzegovina.

MaPEeR SME will provide recommendations to the relevant programme managers and policy makers at national and EU level to overcome the obstacles in effectively involving SMEs in research and innovation activities through improving their participation in R&D programmes. This will contribute to the fine-tuning of existing national SME policies and measures or to the introduction of new key policy priority issues.The MAPEER SME team invites you to fill in our on-line questionnaire (taking 10-15 minutes) and get directly involved in adjusting policy measures for SMEs in your country and in the EU.

The data received from this questionnaire is only for internal project (MaPEeR SME, GPrix, RAPPORT) use. MAPEER SME partners are obliged to treat all information in strictest confidence and will under no circumstances give data to other third parties.

If you have any question regarding activities in your country or the present questionnaire please contact our partner responsible for your country. 

Thank you very much for your support and cooperation! 

The MaPEeR SME team